Distressed Property 服务

Price Edwards and Company has provided distressed property services to over 50 properties comprising over 3.6 Million square feet of 办公室, 零售, and 工业 space, and over 7,000 apartment units.


Court Appointed Receiverships

Price Edwards and Company principals have served as Receiver on over 50 零售, 办公室, 工业, and 多户家庭的 properties across Oklahoma. Given the current realities of both the financing and tenant markets, lenders are now finding themselves in a position where they need to quickly gain control of assets in an effort to avoid further physical deterioration and loss of value.

Once installed as Receiver, 通过法院命令, Price Edwards and Company and its staff will move to secure the property, gain control of all operating accounts, 通知所有供应商, interview and evaluate the level and competency of existing staff, document the current condition of the physical plant, review all vendor pricing and scope of services, obtain all relevant lease files and records, assure proper levels of insurance are in place, and begin to build a relationship with existing tenants or residents in an effort to stabilize property related income streams. Once these and a variety of other foundational measures are taken, a property specific asset plan can then be initiated.

Price Edwards and Company is very familiar with the requirements associated with the court approval process, 焊接要求, the detailed financial reporting, and the obligation to serve as an 办公室r of the court until formally dismissed.

租赁 and Market Assessment

Price Edwards and Company has leased literally hundreds of 办公室, 零售, 工业 and 多户家庭的 assets in Oklahoma. Understanding an asset’s position and perception in the marketplace, being able to identify the existing impediments to achieving a successful leasing program, and what measures are required to properly reposition an asset, all require an extensive background in the leasing of commercial space. The firm closes hundreds of leases each and every year, which has provided our brokers unique opportunities to understand what is important to tenants beyond simply the rental rate, and therefore what specific issues need to be addressed in order to increase income streams and maximize the ultimate value of the asset. A summary of directly competing properties is created, outlining the positives & 底片的, thus allowing the client to know exactly where the property stands in relation to the competition. 最后, the firm’s regular market studies provide clients in–depth data on the market in terms of overall vacancies, 空间吸收, rental rates and projected new construction.


Price Edwards and Company is one of the largest, most knowledgeable and experienced commercial real estate service firms in the Southwest. Our clients include insurance companies, 养老基金, 当地合作伙伴, 抽搐, syndication groups as well as corporate owner occupants looking to maximize the operating efficiencies of their real estate assets.

Price Edwards and Company’s greatest resource is its ability to balance owner objectives and tenant needs. The result is one which maximizes the immediate yield and promotes long term capital growth. The key to our success in this area is effective planning, careful cost/benefit analysis, prudent handling of expenditures, and creative approaches to enhancing revenues.The retention of tenants is one of our most important goals. This is the “acid test” in determining management effectiveness. To date, Price Edwards and Company has a tenant retention ratio of approximately 90%. This critical aspect avoids the interruption of revenue streams as well as the retrofitting expense associated with a new tenant. By responding to tenant needs promptly and courteously we earn their respect and loyalty. By keeping the property attractive and well maintained, we promote the attraction of new tenants as vacancies do occur.

Another critical aspect of our modern property management approach is our effort towards energy conservation. Price Edwards and Company is a leading force in the institution of thorough preventive maintenance programs. Our supervisors and on–site engineers have the experience, training and certification to deal with almost any mechanical problems which may arise.  This insures uninterrupted heating and cooling to the building, peak operating efficiencies, the longest possible life of the equipment, 以及最低的公用事业成本.

Communication with the owner is an integral part of our formula. 通过创建彻底, accurate and timely financial reports all relevant parties are assured of knowing exactly how the property is performing financially. Our staff is experienced at all facets of the reporting process and has the flexibility and expertise to meet any specific reporting requirements.

总之, Price Edwards and Company offers the very best in first–class property management services. 365体育亚洲接受了培训, 人员和, 最重要的是, the track record to assure the property receives the attention it deserves and yields the maximum investment returns.

Physical Plant Assessment

Given Price Edwards and Company’s 20–plus year history of managing commercial properties, we offer a unique ability to be able to quickly analyze and discern the overall physical condition of these assets. Staff within the firm’s construction and engineering divisions will provide detailed written summaries of such critical areas as: roofing, 暖通空调, 停车场区域, 窗口系统, 填隙, 电梯, 卫生间, interior and exterior lighting, as well as condition of common area finishes. 特别重要的, 暖通空调 systems will be carefully evaluated to discern the quality and regularity of preventive maintenance procedures, and the extent to which energy management measures have been taken. Many times there exist immediate opportunities which can yield energy savings of up to 30%, thereby increasing the asset’s operating income dollar for dollar.


Price Edwards and Company’s 投资销售 Division has generated numerous BOV’s over the last 20 years. The firm’s constant monitoring of market dynamics, including capitalization rates, 债券市场, 和交易速度, allows our brokers to provide the most comprehensive and accurate data of any firm to support its valuation conclusions. The firm publishes the most highly regarded studies of the Oklahoma City 零售, 办公室, 工业 and 多户家庭的 markets which add further credibility to the underlying data. 最后, by being able to take advantage of the knowledge of the firm’s leasing brokers and property managers, the investment analysis contains the most relevant and accurate information in terms of measuring future income streams and operating costs.


Price Edwards and Company’s Investment Division brokers have represented hundreds of sellers and buyers of 办公室, 零售, 工业, 多户家庭的, and commercial land assets. The firm’s total transaction volume exceeds of $1 billion. Each Investment Division broker specializes in a particular asset type, thereby assuring clients a high level of experience and in–depth knowledge of each market segment. Marketing brochures and packages are prepared quickly, and include all relevant property, market and economic data to maximize the value of the asset. The firm’s extensive electronic data base, 接近10,000 entities and individuals, is constantly being updated and refined to generate maximum interest. 进一步, as the Oklahoma member of TCN, a national brokerage network, we are able to include all properties listed for sale in its data base, 又增加了25个,000买家. TCN listings are sent electronically to buyers and brokers across the country every two weeks. 归根到底, Price Edwards and Company can assure clients the highest level of professionalism and performance when it comes to selling commercial assets in the Oklahoma market.


Partial List of Receivership References

美国银行(Bank of America)



Commercial Federal (西岸)

摩根大通(JP Morgan Chase)



保险 & 年金保险协会

The Federal National Mortgage Association




Partial List of Receiverships    

First National Center - 1,000,000 Square Feet

Lincoln Plaza 办公室 Building - 245,000 Square Feet

Crossroads Mall - 1,288,291 Square Feet

2525 NW Expressway 办公室 Bldg - 82,000 Square Feet

Alameda Square Shopping Center - 85,420 Square Feet

Berkshire Plaza Shopping Center - 39,000 Square Feet

布鲁克伍德,北 & II Shopping Center - 58,429 Square Feet

Bryant Square Shopping Center - 282,000 Square Feet

Cambridge Landaing 公寓 - 400 Units

Canadian Square Shopping Center - 133,779 Square Feet

Crossroads Cinema - 32,139 Square Feet

Crossroads Shopping Center - 31,269 Square Feet

Edmond Plaza Shopping Center - 158,373 Square Feet

Kelly Plaza Shopping Center - 85,365 Square Feet

Oklahoma Tower - 568,000 Square Feet

Rockwell Plaza 公寓 - 304 Units

Rockwell Plaza Shopping Center - 406,000 Square Feet

Southwestern Plaza Shopping Center - 117,846 Square Feet

Springcreek 公寓 - 336 Units

Tammaron Village 公寓 - 400 Units

United Founders Tower - 160,000 Square Feet

Walker Square Shopping Center - 136,000 Square Feet