Price Edwards and Company provides complete interior construction services for office buildings, shopping centers, industrial facilities and multi-family projects. Our team of construction professionals are committed to the construction industry and have a wealth of experience from which to draw.

Whether it is working with Price Edwards and Company's in-house leasing and property management staff, or third party corporate users, our construction staff members become an integral part of the team to assure accurate and detailed budgeting, achievable delivery dates and the absolute highest quality work.

Communication is a key component to our long-term success. By making sure the end user, architect/space planner, furniture designers or manufacturers, major sub-contractors and building owner, or its representatives, are kept fully informed of such issues as key delivery dates, change orders, after hours work requirements, odor or noise issues and scheduling changes, the end result is one which allows the construction process to proceed smoothly with everyone's expectations met or exceeded.

Price Edwards and Company is involved in construction projects of all sizes. Whether it is a 1,500 square foot retail space, or a 50,000 square foot corporate headquarters, we can get it done on time and on budget. 

For further information contact:

Caleb McNeely